President’s Message

Well, the June meeting is the last meeting of the 2016–2017 season at OCRS and I want to thank a number of people who made this year a success. First, thank you to the conductors who brought us so much joy, beautiful music, and learning: Russ Wilson, Rotem Gilbert, Tom Axworthy, Sally Price, Janet Beazley, Inga Funck, Adam Gilbert, Alex Opsahl, and upcoming Ricardo Berón. Thank you to
the officers who give freely of their time and efforts: Cathy Wilson and her work with OLLI bringing the world of recorders to a new class of students, Jim Forrest making sure that we have refreshments at each meeting, Lee & Bill Waggener for an outstanding newsletter, Susan Mason who has served as Treasurer extraordinaire and Historian for 7 years, Mary Van Cott-Hand and Miranda Manners for a very successful workshop and, Carol Jacoby who has tirelessly served as Webmaster for 10 years now. Thanks also to the generous members who brought refreshments to the meetings for all of us enjoy: Marcy Del Clements, Shirley Hager, Tom Hall, Mary Van Cott-Hand, Sylvia & Hans Huygen, Sean Lieblang, Susan Mason, Miranda Manners, Gloria Martin, Steve Meyers, Julith Neff, Gwen Rodman, Sandy Thompson, Cynthia Thornburg, Lee & Bill Waggener, and Joe Whiting. And a special thank you to Continue reading President’s Message


We want to thank Susan Mason, Julith Neff, and Gwen Rodman for the refreshments at the May meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

The refreshments for the upcoming June meeting will be supplied by Win Aldrich, Marcyn Del Clements, Gloria Martin, and Gwen Rodman.

Please contact Jim Forrest:, to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.


In order to attend OCRS monthly meetings (other than as a one-time guest), a person must be a member. To become a member for the coming year, from July 2017 through June 2018, please mail a completed Membership Application and your dues check to the address shown on the application. The Membership Application is included in the newsletter and is also available for downloading on the membership page.

—Susan Mason, Treasurer

Music Availability

Sheet music for each monthly meeting is available at the OCRS website, The pdf files for the music are usually available a few days before the meeting. If your computer for some reason lacks a program for reading PDFs, click here to obtain the copy of Adobe Reader applicable to your computer system—select operating system, language, and version and then click on “Download Now”.

Sheet music is provided at the meeting only for those who have paid the sheet music printing fee in addition to their membership dues.

If you indicated that you will print your music and you’re unable to do so for a particular meeting, you will need to contact another member to ask him or her to print your music for you. If you can’t contact another member, please arrive at the meeting early and ask another member whether you can look on to his or her sheet music for the evening.

Soprano players please also bring another size recorder and print the music for that part. This gives the conductor the opportunity to balance the parts for each piece.

Calling All Carpoolers

As our recorder playing community ages, we find ourselves not going out so often at night. We at OCRS want all our members to join in the fun whenever possible. There will be a signup sheet for coordinating carpooling at the meeting. Driving or riding to OCRS with companions is the way to go!

—Miranda Manners

President’s Message

This month we have the meeting starting off with BYOB and 6 groups/individuals have indicated that they will be showcasing what they do outside of the monthly meeting. So far Musica Ficta with Sally Price and group, the Lieblang family, Windsong, Marcy Del Clements, Claremont Early Music Ensemble, and Joe Whiting have agreed to play for 10-12 minutes some wonderful and varied music for our enjoyment. A program will be emailed out early the week of May 7th listing the details. Also, Russ Wilson has agreed to lead us the 2nd half of the meeting with what he has promised will be some fun music, including a couple of very easy ones, and one advanced piece that should be wonderful.

The Nominating Committee (Sandy Thompson,, Gwen Rodman,, and Larry Dorn, elected at the April meeting is working hard on providing a proposed slate of OCRS Officers to be elected at the June meeting for next year, but they need your help. As you know, OCRS is purely a volunteer organization that relies on the hard work and dedication of a few to continue providing enjoyment and learning to its members. Several positions appear to need volunteers and the committee will highlight these at the meeting.

The role of making music has over the last few years has received much interest in both the increased learning of children as well as the role in the happiness of adults, and I have included several articles over the last few years in the newsletter. Recently the Wall Street Journal had an article entitled “The Joy of Learning to Play an Instrument Later in Life”. More people in their 50s and 60s are finding that taking up a musical instrument or singing improves their lives in many ways ( In this article they highlight that “Given today’s longer lifespans, it’s reasonable for most people to think that if they start playing an instrument in their 50s, they can keep on playing and improving for decades, whatever instrument they choose.

Moreover, a growing body of research suggests that playing an instrument or singing in a choir can enhance emotional well-being, brain health, cognition and hearing function.

“It’s extremely exciting,” says cognitive neuroscientist Julene Johnson, a professor at the Institute for Health and Aging at the University of California, San Francisco. “My hope is that we think of creative engagement as something to do throughout our entire lifespan, and not just for pleasure but also for possible health benefits.” I encourage you to read this article by clicking on the above link to read several anecdotes on the importance of what playing music brings to one’s life.

See you the 12th.

Win Aldrich

President’s Message

Greetings All;

Well, Spring is officially here and it has been a gorgeous one so far. This month we are fortunate to have Alexandra Opsahl leading us for the monthly meeting. Alex is the Music Director of Tesserae, an Early Music group here in LA that specializes in music from the early 17th century. Please welcome her.

April is also the month that the OCRS Bylaws specifies that we select 3 members for the Nominating Committee who will select and present a slate of officers at the June meeting for next year’s 2017–2018 season. As you know, OCRS is an all-volunteer organization that depends on its members for our continued operation. If you have interest and want to help in either the Nominating Committee or as an officer for next year, please see Continue reading President’s Message

It’s Election Time

No, I don’t mean US President. I mean OCRS board members for the 2017 – 2018 season!

Our by-laws state that in April we shall elect a three person Nominating Committee. They will make up a slate of officers and present it to the membership at our June meeting. It will then be voted on, and voila, we shall have a wonderful group of officers to carry on our mission for next year. We MUST do this every year.

If you care about OCRS and the quality of our wonderful recorder experiences please consider serving on this committee. The time commitment is small. The job entails contacting prospective officers, most of whom already serve on the board and are willing to continue. You discuss it with your committee and present the slate to the membership in June. You will not be working alone, and you will have a say in what goes on next year. There is a detailed instruction sheet that walks you through this simple process.

If you can be part of our Nominating Committee please call or email me any time of the day or night. Do it soon. Please.

Win Aldrich OCRS PresidentCell: 909-374-2982, Home: 909-625-7722email:


We want to thank Marcy del Clements who supplied the eatables for the March meeting and Mary Von Cott-Hand who brought the drinks left over from the OCRS Recorder Workshop. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

The refreshments for the upcoming April meeting will be supplied by Shirley Hager, Cynthia Thornburg,and Joe Whiting

Please contact Jim Forrest:, or 626-333-3443 to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.

Clea and Rotem Gave Us Quite a Day

Good food, good company and good recorder conversation always makes for a good party. Add Rotem Gilbert and Clea Galhano and you have a spectacular day. 50 participants had such a day in February at our annual workshop held at the First United Methodist Church in Fullerton. After spending all day inspiring us with their lessons Rotem and Clea still had the energy to put on a phenomenal concert. Rotem’s bagpipe and Clea’s Brazilian solo were out of this world. Two interesting things I noticed—everyone was totally focused and with it; some people have really good posture. (Unfortunately, I didn’t get a total group shot. I was having so much fun playing “Hava Nagia” and “Brasilia” in the tutti orchestra, I forgot all about taking pictures. Visit the OCRS website to view lots more pictures and perhaps get a glimpse of yourself.

Mary Van Cost-Hand

A chapter of the American Recorder Society, Orange County, California