OCRS Recorder Workshop February 25th

Do you remember those New Year’s Resolutions you made a few short weeks ago- to eat healthier, to get more exercise, to get more sleep, to slow down and enjoy life, to use your cell phone less, to improve your concentration and mental skills, to meet new people, to play your recorder more, to work on improving your playing, and to stop procrastinating- well how are you doing on all of those?
Now is your chance to get reinvigorated and to work on several of these- the OCRS is pleased to be hosting Clea Galhano and Rotem Gilbert for an all day recorder workshop on Saturday, February 25th with sessions on Multi-Cultural Melodies when they will explore repertoire from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern eras that reuse popular melodies in different settings.
We hope that all our friends from SCRS and SDCRS will join us for a wonderful day of music and learning. Please see OCRS Workshop 2017 for details and registration information.
Win Aldrich

President’s Message

The Holiday Season is over and I hope that you had a safe and enjoyable time with friends and family. The season for resolutions is now upon us, and it is time to slow down and appreciate with gratitude the simpler things in life, commit to getting more exercise, eating healthful food, and of course practicing your recorder(s). Bill Lazar at Lazar’s Early Music in Mountain View has posted a number of instructional videos at http://www.lazarsearlymusic.com/Tutorials.htm. This page has links to a series of YouTube videos by Sarah Jeffrey for beginning to advanced recorder players. She is upbeat and humorous and has great suggestions and demonstrations on technique, practicing, warm-ups, choosing instruments, etc. There is also Continue reading President’s Message


In order to attend OCRS monthly meetings (other than as a one-time guest), a person must be a member. To become a member for the current year, from July 2016 through June 2017, please mail a completed Membership Application and your dues check to the address shown on the application. The Membership Application is included in this newsletter and is also available for downloading at www.ocrecorder.org/membership.

—Susan Mason, Treasure 


We want to thank Gloria Martin and Win Aldrich who brought the refreshments for the December Meeting. We would also like to thank the Lieblang family and Jayanthi (Jay) Wijekoon for always helping with the clean-up after the break.

The refreshments for the upcoming January meeting will be supplied by Bill and Lee Waggener.

Please contact Jim Forrest: stringpresser@earthlink.net, 626-333-3443 to sign up for a turn to treat the group, or catch him at the next meeting to sign up.

President’s Message

Welcome to the 4th issue of the OCRS Early Music Newsletter for December. I hope that you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving filled with gratitude for friends, family, and the opportunities that fill our lives.

First thank you to Tom Axworthy for leading us in November with a wonderful collection of German Madrigals that challenged us with several tempo changes to make beautiful music. This month we are again fortunate to have Sally Price leading us with some of her favorite seasonal pieces as we celebrate our annual Christmas meeting. Musica Ficta with four outstanding musicians will be playing for us at the Prelude starting at 7:15 so please plan to be there early to enjoy these 5 beautiful selections.

The plans for this season’s Recorder Workshop on Saturday, February 25th are moving ahead, and registration is now open- please see the registration flyer included in this month’s newsletter. This year we will have two of the finest world-class musicians, educators, and performers leading us in what will be an outstanding program entitled “Multi Cultural Melodies: Explore repertoire from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Modern era that reuses popular melodies in different settings”. The last few years, OCRS participants have been joined by members of SCRS and SDCRS among others which has provided a fun time to see and play with old friends and new. These days, most of us no longer need more “things” to clutter up our homes and lives as we realize that it is the “experiences” that have lasting importance So as you start to make your Christmas list, this would be a unique gift to provide a friend or receive yourself.

A special thanks to Cathy Wilson who has been teaching an OCRS sponsored class this fall using recorders in the OLLI Life Long Learning Institute at Cal State Fullerton. She reports that this has been a rewarding and fun opportunity to work with 12 dedicated and enthused students, and she is hoping to expand this next year at UCI.

I want to thank those of you that made contributions to OCRS. Contributions this year have been ~twice what they have been over the last few years and these will go far in helping us meet our operating budget for the year, since membership dues only cover approximately 75% of our budget. Please, there is still time for you to make a tax-deductible donation this tax year in any amount that you are comfortable with and you will receive sincere thanks and satisfaction for your support of OCRS.

In these times of turmoil, I wish each of you a peaceful Holiday Season, and I hope to see you at our meeting Friday December 9th.

—Win Aldrich


The Musica Ficta members are Sally Price (soprano), Jane Smith (alto), Helen Wirtz (tenor), Barbara Senn (bass). We met as members of the Claremont Graduate School Collegium, and have been together as an ensemble since 1984. We will be playing:
Gratissima Virginis, Philippe de Vitry (1291 – 1361), Two recorders and two psalteries
O Magnum Mysterium, Tomas Luis de Victoria (c. 1548 – 1611) SATB
Troika, Serge Prokofiev (1891 – 1953) SATB
Balulalow, Benjamin Britten (1913–1976) SATB
Joy to the World, G.F. Handel (1685 – 1759), arr. Sally Price SATB

Paperless Possibilities for Music

There are many possibilities for downloading music to an iPad or other tablet. I have started using ForScore because it is possible to notate the music quite easily, but any PDF reader will also work. This saves having to sort through and file everything needed for the meeting, and after the meeting I print only what our group might like to play. I have also found that even though the print looks smaller than a paper copy, the backlight makes it more readable, and I can enlarge it if necessary. All the copies are kept on the iPad and I can easily search for anything that I want to see again by title. A playlist is set up for each meeting so it’s possible to search by the date of the meeting. ForScore is $9.99 at the App Store. I also Googled PDF readers for tablets and found plenty of information for possibilities that are not just for music. If you are interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please find me at a meeting. I’m usually playing alto.

—Lee Waggener

OCRS Promotional Postcards Available

postcardOCRS now has promotional postcards available, which members can provide for display at concerts and other music events. Win Aldrich will have a supply of the postcards available at the meeting, if you would like to obtain some. With our new playing year beginning in September, it might be an ideal time to drop a few of the postcards off at any local music stores in your area with a request that the stack of postcards be displayed in a prominent place at the check-out counter. If you have other ideas for promoting OCRS and for bringing the organization to the attention of potential members, please pass these ideas along to Vice-president/ Membership Development, Cathy Wilson at helpertouch@gmail.com.


A membership application is included here. Please pay your dues before or at the September meeting. Please include a completed membership application with your dues payment in order to provide OCRS with your up-to-date contact information and your election whether to print your own sheet music.

If you intend to pay your dues in cash at the meeting, please complete the membership application and place it in an envelope with your money, write your name on the outside of the envelope, and then seal the envelope before giving it to the Treasurer. If paying by check at the meeting, please paper-clip or staple your check to your completed application. Alternatively, you may mail your dues check and completed application to the Treasurer at the address shown on the application.

—Susan Mason, Treasurer 

A chapter of the American Recorder Society, Orange County, California