Upcoming Meeting

June 12, 2015, 7:30 pm

Tom Axworthy conducting

Prelude at 7:20:
Jim Forrest and Larry Dorn will be playing Andante & the Allegro that follows, from Telemann’s Sonata No.2 in Bb, for two alto recorders.
Tom Axworthy
Tom Axworthy

Mr. Axworthy currently teaches the Collegium Musicum and Recorder Workshop for Rio Hondo College and has directed the Collegium for the Claremont Graduate School. He teaches regularly for the early music workshops presented by the San Diego Early Music Society, the Southern California Recorder Society, the San Francisco Early Music Society and the Idyllwild School of Music and the Arts (ISOMATA). He directs his own annual SCEMC Workshop in Renaissance Reed Instruments and is co-director for the Canto Antiguo Workshop in Early Music and Dance .

Mr. Axworthy is the founder-director of the Southern California Early Music Consort and a member of the Renaissance Players, Harmonia Baroque and is a co-founder of Canto Antiguo. He also directs several other chamber ensembles in a wide range of musical styles. Mr. Axworthy has appeared as a recorder/shawm soloist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic as well as an oboe soloist with many local orchestras. He records for the Musical Heritage Society, Nonesuch, Dargason and Word Records. His early instruments and the SCEMC have been heard in numerous film and TV soundtracks.

Mr. Axworthy is the co-founder (with Lia Levin) and musical director of the Los Angeles Recorder Orchestra which is now in its 10th year. He also prepares many of the editions of renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and modern music for LARO.

Here is the music that Tom has selected for us:

Josquin – La Spagna – ATTBB
(If you only play SOPRANO, please do play one of the TENOR parts)
Josquin – la Spagna – Alto
Josquin – la Spagna – Tenor 1
Josquin – la Spagna – Tenor 2
Josquin – la Spagna – Bass 1
Josquin – la Spagna – Bass 2

(All parts in one file)
Josquin – Musica Reservata

Warlock – CAPRIOL SUITE – Sopranino, S1 S2, A1 A2, T1 T2, B1 B2, Great Bass, Contrabass
******** Please print both Soprano parts, both alto parts, both tenor parts or both bass parts –so we can be sure to have all parts played
(Note: all parts in one file)
Warlock – Capriol Suite RO

ELORA LO – SS, AA, TT, BB, Great Bass, Contrabass
(SOPRANOS please print both Soprano parts, ALTO do print both alto parts, TENORS and BASSES do print both of your parts)
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) SOP 1 – sib
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) SOP 2- sib
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Alto 1
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Alto 2
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Ten 1
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Ten 2
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Bass 1
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Bass 2
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Contrabass
Warlock – Eloré Lo (LARO) – Great Bass

Josquin – BAISIEZ MOY – SATB score only
JosqBaisiez SATB

Ievan – Polkka -SATB
Ievan Polkka – Soprano
Ievan Polkka – ALTO
Ievan Polkka – TENOR
Ievan Polkka – BASS

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